A boyfriend in Japan expresses his love to girlfriend in this style

A boyfriend in Japan expresses his love to girlfriend in this style

People often love their partner in some different style while expressing love in their relationship. One such case came from Japan. Where a lover has prepared a different marriage proposal for his girlfriend. But preparing this proposal was not easy for that lover. He had to travel several places to prepare for the proposal for 6 months.

By creating such a proposal, Tokyo’s resident Yasan Takahashi has made a world record.  Google has tweeted this story of Takahashi. After this, the story of Takahashi was highly appreciated by the people throughout the world. Takahashi created GPS Art with the help of Google Earth and Street View. After which he thought that why this art is to propagate Natsuki only. To prepare this proposal, Takahashi left his job.

In about 6 months, Takahashi travelled more than 7,000 kilometres. Takahashi’s girlfriend told the South China Morning Post that all this is full of surprise for her. He says Takahashi’s love makes him love the world’s greatest love. He also said that he is very pleased with the proposal of Takahashi. Google has shared this story of Takahashi and viralized it all over the world. In addition, Google tweeted that, Takahashi’s story has been seen 22.8 thousand times. So far many people have commented on this.


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